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Candy Champion Pearson


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i wanted something unique for my car so I designed and made scented gucci mane icey tattoo art prints!

check them out and pick a few up here: RVMSTAR.COM

hang em in your ride, confuse the K-9 unit's scent, freshen up your trap etc.

Free Guwop!

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What drew me to this site is I have a vintage"Gucci" purse with a emblem that is no longer other's around.
I did my research on Gucci belt's, because the purse is so old, it DEFINITELY need refurbishing. I think a belt is IDEAL.
IF ANYONE IS WATCHING, hopefully Gucci Mane people, this is a must see and I would gladly inbox a short video (more life like) on Facebook or here, if we have inboxes. I don't know yet because of me JUST becoming a member. I have not familiarise myself with this site yet, which I'm happy to now be a member of.

Yes! I want to discover more artists like Gucci Mane: